June 9, 2017
Amy Kaps

Amy Kaps, Victus Versus Self Portrait, 2012, digital c print, 21" x 33"

This week's Image of the Week is by Los Angeles-based artist Amy Kaps.

​As an interdisciplinary artist, Amy Kaps is in constant dialogue with her surroundings and those who inhabit it. Possessing a predilection for the abstract and surreal while emphasizing the human form and condition, she presents a psychological puzzle hoping to entice the viewer to question what they see.

Highly conceptual with the intention of altering perception and provoking thought, her objective is to create honestly and to question the status quo while reveling in a feast for the senses. The challenge is to decipher the common denominators, recognizing the similarities within the differences that connect us regardless of age, race or gender.

As a solo performer, a seemingly self-indulgent display of personal history yields to an amorphic universal body in an attempt to elevate the banal to the beautiful.

Her performances, particularly her “Victus Versus/Striped World" work, have led to full-scale room installations beckoning the viewer to immerse themselves in an optical and visceral environment that invites play.

Click here for more information about Amy.

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