Meg Madison
Meg Madison, 100-Foot Rope Spiral , 2015, Cyanotype, winter sunlight, LA River water, 20" x 28"  Click here for larger image and more information.

Chris Townsend, in his Introduction to Phaidon's lush monograph Francesca Woodman, begins the task of placing Woodman's work in an art historical context:

"Woodman never understood herself as a fully realized artist, even if that is how we see her now. When she died in 1981, aged only twenty-two, she was still learning, still absorbing influences, still exploring what she wanted her work to do and testing the directions it might take." Click here to read more.
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Gwen Samuels, Butting Head Ram, 2014, digital images printed on transparency, hand-stitched to a wire armature, 15” x 25” x 8”
Gwen Samuels
Claire Keith
Claire Keith, Some Tomatoes, 1999-2000, oil on canvas, 9” x 17”
Linda Kunik
Linda Kunik, Ripe, 2011, C-Print, 48" x 48"

To be hungry & eat is the perfection of sensuality rarely achieved. RIPE addresses that sensuality through a collection of luscious & sensual phontographs of heirloom tomatoes from my sustainable garden. -Linda Kunik
Anna Garner, Just Below, 2016, single-channel video, 4:11
Nancy Goodman Lawrence
Nancy Goodman Lawrence, The Ways We Are Connected #3, 2017, acrylic on panel,
16” x 16"
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Anna Garner